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Restaurant - Pho`n`roll café is a unique place.

This is a small restaurant, the menu of which contains a whole culinary culture. Vietnam occupies a special place in the colorful ribbon of Asian street food and catering. For example, despite all the generosity of spices, there is no accented acute food.

This and other features of Vietnamese cuisine we try to convey to our guests. The uniqueness of authentic cuisine, centuries-old traditions and modern approach to food is a distinctive feature of Pho`n`Roll Café.
The democratic policy of the institution will be enjoyed by the general public: from students to tourists.

Authenticity of dishes can not be doubted: the owners of the restaurant and one of the chefs are native Vietnamese.

The menu reflects the main traditional dishes: as snacks are presented nemas (they are also spring rolls), for hot - obligatory soup Fo (in Vietnam it is eaten and for breakfast too), fried or steamed rice, with fillers to choose from. In addition to the main dishes, there are also desserts - a traditional crispy fried banana with coconut sauce, ice-cream in Hanoi and others. We have business lunches (up to 300 rubles), and in the near future - a separate morning menu.

But you can drink Vietnamese coffee not only in the morning, but at any time.
By the way, it is considered one of the best in the world and is prepared in a special way and with condensed milk.

If there is a need to sit alone or to gather company - in the restaurant there is a separate room.

For guests of our hotel in our restaurant from 8 to 11 we are serving continental breakfast. The cost of breakfast 650 rubles.

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