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About hotel

About hotel

General information

 A new hotel 'Golden Age', that is located right on the embankment, in the centre of the city, is only a walking distance of such cultural sights in Saint-Petersburg as Mariinsky Theatre, Alexandrinskiy Theatre, Yusupov Palace, St. Michael's Castle, and if you go along the Fontanka river, it will lead you right to the magnificent Summer Garden.  It will also open on the heart of the city - vibrant and swarming Nevsky Prospect, bustling with an energetic and hectic life.

 This elegant building, set up in the 18th century, is an excellent sample of classical and Russian style at the turn of 19th century, perfectly moulded into a landscape of striking architecture, since the adjoining mansions were built at the same time, presenting a charming ensemble. It once belonged to E. Olenina, née Poltoratskaya, of noble birth, and to her husband, an academician and a president of the Russian Academy of Arts, A. Olenin. One could meet here renowned Russian poets, critics and painters such as V.Zhukovskiy, I. Krylov, K. Brullov and V. Stasov.  As legend has it, an eminent Russian poet A. Pushkin met beautiful and adorable Anna Kern here and later devoted a wonderful poem to her:

A wondrous moment I remember,
Before me you at once appeared:
A fleeting vision you resembled
Of beauty’s genius pure and clear…

 Not without reason, Saint-Petersburg is known as the Northern Venice: the city is intersected by rivers and canals, which lends it magical charm.  'Golden Age' is looking out on the river crossed by numerous fancy bridges, which, indeed, resembles Venice - our guests can enjoy a panoramic and splendid vista without leaving the hotel. 

An intimate and yet capacious restaurant ''Pho'n'roll cafe'' with a unique interior design, that is right next to the hotel, offers a continental breakfast as well as authentic Vietnamese cuisine to all the guests, delivering excellent customer service all the time.